Mobile couples massage puts romance and the massage table in your home

Gifting a couples massage is a great option for any holiday, and couples who give each other the gift of massage benefit from a partner who gets to relax and be catered to by massage therapists and staff. The feeling of “getting away” is part of the draw to couples massage, and couples who get massages together enjoy the outing as much as the event. As a result, people considering couples massage do not seek out mobile massage companies. This is an erroneous judgement, as couples massage can be just as much of a getaway when done in the comfort of the home.

What to expect in an at-home couples massage

One of the first expectations should be communication with your massage therapist or two massage therapists in couples massage. Let them know that they are free to give you the full spa experience by showing them your bathroom area and the area where you will change. This will allow them to set the stage for the massage, as they would if it was taking place in a studio. 

Setting the stage is crucial for the at-the-spa experience sought by couples. The therapist can set up the serene atmosphere necessary for total body relaxation. This may involve lighting arrangements, such as the use of candles, and it may involve aromatherapy. Mood music may be an option, and couples should remain open to the suggestions of the therapist but also free to express themselves. Any special considerations, such as height, should be mentioned so the therapists bring the appropriate massage table

Allowing the therapist to have open access to other rooms in your home enables them to set the stage throughout your massage experience. Your bathroom should have the same soothing ambiance as your hallway and the room where the massage will take place. If you will change in a another room or have an area where you will wait to be invited in to the massage, this can be set up. Couples massage can still take you away to that special place, even when it is in your home. 

The greatest benefit

The greatest benefit of an at-home couples massage the afterglow, which can be spent in the comfort of your own home. Massage studios often try to have relaxing beverages and waiting rooms available following couples massage, but eventually, reality returns, and you must get up and leave. With mobile couples massage, you get to stay where you are for as long as you like. Your massage therapist will leave you, and the candles if you wish, and the couple is able to continue their special moment on their own time